The CXO300

Go further.
Stay safer.

Diesel-powered 300hp outboard engine

The CXO300

Go further.
Stay safer.

Diesel-powered 300hp outboard engine

The CXO300

A lightweight and robust diesel-powered engine that combines exceptional performance and power to create a safer and more efficient alternative to gasoline-powered outboards.

With a 30% reduction in emissions, the CXO300 is 0% Compromise.

Compared to a gasoline-powered
outboard engine*


Less fuel*


Longer life*


Less maintenance*


More torque*

479 LB.FT

Sports fishing with the CXO300

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of reliable marine diesel engines. Sports-fishing craft across the globe wouldn’t be able to operate effectively without expertly-crafted diesel power units. Cox represents the leading edge of evolving technologies with the highly efficient and advanced CXO300 marine outboard.

Whether starting new or repowering, The CXO300’s excellent fuel efficiency and low emissions allows cost and environmentally-conscious crews to reach those extra-special fishing spots quickly and reliably.

“Quiet and free of diesel knock and exhaust smell, the CXO300 outboard meets stringent emissions standards established by environmental agencies across the world.”

Jim Hendricks / Sport Fishing
  • “Visually, it looks great, and as for any specific diesel smell or noise, it just wasn’t there. Quiet, responsive, and incredibly fuel-efficient.”

    Barry Thompson / Power Boat Magazine
  • The CXO300 diesel outboard motor from Cox Powertrain gives boating anglers an innovative alternative to gas outboards.”
    Jim Hendricks / Sport Fishing
  • “…with the lids off it’s clear what a brilliant job Cox has done with packaging these engines.”
    Jack Hains / Motorboat
  • “This engine also makes her suitable for use as a superyacht tender where increasingly stringent regulations are pushing towards the adoption of diesel due to the lower risk of this type of fuel.”
    Luca D’Ambrosio / Yachting News
  • “…when you consider the fact that, even at absolute full throttle, these 300hp engines are burning in the region of two-thirds the amount of fuel that their 4-stroke petrol outboard contemporaries would be burning, well, you just can’t fail to be impressed.”

    Powerboat & Rib

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The CXO300 for Port and Harbour craft

With the CXO300 producing 20-35% less CO2 than comparable gasoline products, those trips back and forth on Pilot and Harbour-master craft can be much less harmful to the natural environment.

With the diesel-powered CXO300’s longer maintenance cycles, you can maximise running times, minimise downtime, as well as improving fuel-efficiency.

“ABP selected the CX0300 diesel over petrol options for fuel efficiency, the lower emissions for environmental reasons; safety when compared to petrol engines and the long service and reliability of the units.”

Gary Olden / Associated British Ports (ABP)

Flexible and economical outboard marine power

  • Power, reliability and comfort are paramount when transferring owners and their guests to and from their yachts.

    The commercially-rated CXO300 delivers impressive performance, including 479 lb.ft torque (650Nm) from 2250-3000 RPM, allowing your tender vessel to move through the water in a controlled and smooth manner whilst sharing the same diesel fuel as the mother-ship.

  • The CXO300 has been uniquely designed, but that doesn’t limit its applications. After all, it meets all existing industry standards, so can bring its exceptional performance to a wide range of commercial
    and recreational vessels, including RIBs.

    The universal transom bolting pattern allows easy installation to a wide range of vessels, making re-powering easier than ever.

  • Designed for both commercial and recreational use, the CXO300 is a new generation of diesel marine technology, offering a high-powered diesel outboard for the marine market.

    This is an innovative alternative to gasoline outboards and helps meet the increasing demand for outboard brought about by reasons of safety and convenience whilst exploiting the higher availability of diesel refuelling stations around coasts worldwide.

  • When delays in response times can have major consequences, the CXO300 high-performance diesel outboard engine quickly reaches its top speed of 4000RPM, getting you to where you need to be, swiftly and efficiently.

    The CXO300’s V8 4.4l twin-turbo engine generates significantly more torque at lower RPM and maintains this power across a wide range of engine speeds.

Learn more about Cox’s marine engineering innovation and the CXO300’s remarkably tight packaging, or simply contact a Cox distributor to place an order.